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সোমবার, ৩০ মে, ২০১১

Universal Networking Language (Perspective Bengali Language): Problems and Prospects

The World Wide Web represents a formidable tool for communication and information access. With simple equipment, it is possible to access innumerable documents about a huge variety of topics, from any place around the world. However, despite the abundance of information, languages very often cause problems. When most of the web pages today are written in few most commonly used languages like English, French, Chinese etc, it becomes difficult for a person with insufficient knowledge of these languages to access and use this tool of communication and information. This has prompted the need to devise means of automatically converting the information from one natural language to another natural language, called Machine Translation. This process needs syntactic and semantic analysis of both source and target languages. Interlingua based machine translation has received a considerable attention because of economy of translation of effort and also additional attraction of the Interlingua providing a knowledge representation scheme.

In this paper we present the computational analysis of the complex case structure of Bengali- a member of the Indo Aryan family of languages- with a view toward interlingua based MT. Bengali is ranked 4th in the list of languages ordered according to the size of the population that speaks the language. Extremely interesting language phenomena involving morphology, case structure, word order and word senses make the processing of Bengali a worthwhile and challenging proposition. A recently proposed scheme called the Universal Networking Language has been used as the Interlingua. The approach is adaptable to other members of the vast Indo Aryan language family. The parallel development of both the analyzer and the generator system leads to an insightful intra-system verification process in place. Our approach is rule based and makes use of authoritative treatises on Bengali Grammar and develop rules for certain Bengali to UNL conversion process.

 Details : www.innovativeonlinebd.com/unl/unlsurvey.pdf