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Excel Lession Advance Level

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 1.           Simple file handling.
               a)         Navigate to drives and folders
               b)         Organise files
               c)         Create, copy, move, rename, find, files and folders.

2.           Using Worksheets
               a)         Rename, delete,  insert, change order.
3.           Cell
               a)         Copy, paste, drag and drop
               b)         Create a Series
               c)         Alter cell width and height
4.           Formatting
               a)         Wrap, Centre across selection, shade, border, change font attributes
               b)         Number formatting – number of decimal places, currency
5.           Formulas
               a)         Order of operations (BEDMAS) and use of operators + - / * ^ ()
               b)         Use of functions, SUM, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA
               c)         Use of % sign
               d)         Relative and Absolute cell references
6.           Graphing – simple pie, bar and column graphs.
7.           Apply Data Integrity Practices
               a)         comparison with original information sources
               b)         audited formulae
               c)         check-totals.

Click Here To Read The Manual(Excel)

Excel Intermediate Level

Contents and Page No

Moving around                                                                                                  3
Personal Expenses Exercise                                                                               6
Changing cell widths by dragging                                                                        6
Changing cell widths automatically                                                                      6
Formulas with numbers                                                                                      7
Formulas with Cell references                                                                            7
Inserting Cell References Automatically                                                              8
Personal Expenses Exercise                                                                               8
The Sum Function                                                                                              9
The AutoSum button                                                                                          9
Personal Expenses 2 Exercise                                                                          10
Accessing other built-in Functions                                                                    11
Average Function.                                                                                           11
Max and Min Function                                                                                     11
If/Then Function.                                                                                             12
The Count Functions                                                                                        12
PMT Function                                                                                                 13
Groceries Exercise                                                                                           13
International Academy Exercise                                                                       14
Cut and copy.                                                                                                  14
Click and Drag.                                                                                               15
Dragging Exercise                                                                                            15
Inserting a new Row                                                                                        15
Deleting a row or Column.                                                                               16
Absolute and Relative Cell references                                                               16
Personal Income Exercise                                                                                17
Berry Pickers Exercise                                                                                     18
Centering across Columns                                                                                19
Word colour and Cell colours.                                                                         19
Vertical Adjustment within rows                                                                       19
Wrapping text within a cell.                                                                              20
Number Formats.                                                                                            21
Deleting Rows and Columns                                                                            21
Car Expenses Exercise                                                                                    21
Sorting                                                                                                            22
Garage Sale Exercise                                                                                       22
Lookup Function                                                                                             23
Harry’s Bar Date and Time exercise                                                                 24
Minute                                                                                                             24
Now                                                                                                               24
Using Sheets                                                                                                    25
Extra Exercises                                                                                                27
Run a macro from a button                                                                               27
Run a macro from a Toolbar                                                                            27
Charting                                                                                                          29
George’s Chocolate Sales Exercise                                                                  30
Create a custom number format                                                                       30